Care for the wild

Your guide to making animal friendly choices on holiday

Tourist activities that exploit animals only continue because tourists choose to support them. As a tourist you have a choice – to avoid cruel practices and reward positive ones.

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Sea-Change: Tour Operators Should Make the Leap and Stop Selling Tickets To SeaWorld

SeaWorld 1

12/12/2014 - “It’s time that the tour operators and travel agents who sell tickets to dolphinariums like SeaWorld make a stand on this issue. There’s enough scientific evidence around now to understand that dolphins and killer whales will be suffering in captivity. So it’s a clear choice for tour operators like Virgin Travel and others – do you support animal cruelty? If you don’t, then stop making money out of it.”

Why Those That Love Dolphins Shouldn’t Watch Them in Bocas del Toro


09/12/2014 - Why Those That Love Dolphins Shouldn’t Watch Them in Bocas del Toro Excellent, thoughtful blog from our friends at Charlie on Travel blog. Everyone loves dolphins, right? These social animals have been known to save beached whales, become lifelong friends with one another and play with human swimmers. But dolphin watching tours are harming the […]

Un-bearlievable! Every Koala Nose is Different

Koala Turganina

05/12/2014 - Koala bears can be identified by their unique ‘noseprints’ – like a fingerprint – according to new research completed by an Australian company that takes tourists on walking tours.

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